6 Days Post Double Eyelid Surgery and One Eye is Different?

It has been 6 days since my surgery and my one eye is kinda different from the other one,i mean the lid..my eyes have healed so much already and my left eye's lid is like more into the skin,but the other one is just slightly on the skin.And im thinking what if one eye will have double eyelids,but the other one won't?i also heard that there are possibilities that the double eye lids can like fall?

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It is a virtual certainty that 6 days after eyelid surgery the two sides will look different.

It is truly very rare that right after surgery the two eyelids will look the same.  However, as healing proceeds, it is amazing how things that seem to be an issue initially simply begin to fade away.  This is the nature of the healing process.  I would say that asymmetries that persist after 8 weeks are much likely to benefit from a more careful assessment.  Even these may resolve.  For this reason, we generally wait 6 months before deciding that a revisional surgery is need to make an asymmetry better.

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Double eylid crease will change as swelling decreases

In the first 4 -6 weeks after double eyelid surgery you can expect swelling of the lids to have a significant effect on the height and depth of the double eyelid crease.  There is no treatment required at this point, just allow the swelling to settle and follow up with your surgeon as planned. Its not possible to have both eyes look exactly the same with surgery but give it time before worrying too much just yet.

Thomas Buonassisi, MD
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