Can Double Eyelid Surgery Be Reversed?

Can a Double Eye Lid Surgery Done with Laser Be Removed, Back to Having No Line at All?  It has been 11 months since the surgery and it is too big. Can lasered double eye lid surgery be removed?

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Double lid surgery

The laser use in the surgery is NOT IMPORTANT.

Then the question can the double lid surgery be reversed back to original oriental eye?

Yes it can , but it is very delicate surgery and many things can go wrong

The crease may become abnormal

injury to the lavator muscle, resulting in drroping eyelid


Coose your Plastic surgeon very carefully

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No it is not possible to reverse this surgery.

Dear Eye

The use of the laser does not matter.  It is just one of many cutting instruments.  It is not possible to lower the crease once it is raise too high.  Many have tried.  A better approach is to raise the eyelid margin to decrease the gap between the eyelashes and the eyelid crease.  Only a personal examination with a knowledgeable Asian eyelid surgeon will be able to determine if your are a candidate for this type of revision.

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