Double Eye Lid Surgery and Ptosis Repair Done in Jan 2013 in Korea?

Ever since I had my surgery my left eye, the bottom eye lid has been twitching every day. lower lid is like contracting constantly. visited my eye doc and he said eye drops will help but so far nothing has helped. I'm sure what i feel is related to ptosis repair, I did not need it done but the surgeon recommended it for better cosmetic results but again, my left eye feels so tight, it feel like the like they created is digging in and it is creating tension on the side of my head as well.

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Do you live in Korea?

Your best bet is a careful second opinion consultation.  You are welcome to contact me through Realself and based on where you live potential oculoplastic surgeons for a second opinion can be suggested

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Eye problems

  Ptosis correction and double eyelid surgery are reasonably complex and skilled procedures that take experience. My advice is to consult with an experienced occuloplastic surgeon and get a couple of opinions before taking on any more surgery

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Lower eyelid twitching after upper eyelid surgery

If eye drops did not help with with your muscle twitching of the lower eyelid then you may want to consider limited use of Botox.  

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