Age 22, Slender Build, Inherited Double Chin. Candidate for Lunchtime Neck Lift?

I'm 22yrs of age & a slender build. I've inherited my mothers/grandmothers doublechin. I've seen a plastic surgeon who told me I had no excess fat so I would'nt be a candidate for a neck lift/lipo. I saw an episode of the Dr's on TV where they performed a procedure (on a young woman) called the lunchtime neck lift (as seen on youtube) Dr Thomas Burnes. The results were amazing! I live in Australia & cant seem to find anyone here that does this.Any advice on finding a surgeon or this procedure?

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Age 22, Slender Build, Inherited Double Chin. Candidate for Lunchtime Neck Lift?

Without a photo it is hard to tell but if it's just loose skin then you could redrape the skin on the neck but this would be a neck lift.  We also offer Vaser liposuction in our practice which works well on the neck, it has contouring capabilities as well as skin tightening. 

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Quick recovery. Double chin surgery.

At your age if you don't have fat in the neck causing your problem it may be related to lax neck muscles or an under projected chin. These can be corrected through a single small incision just under your chin. This allows for tightening and sharpening of your neck line and placing a chin implant if needed. I wouldn't call this a "lunchtime procedure" unless you get very long lunch breaks in Australia. You should expect to take a week off from work with limited postoperative discomfort.   Good luck

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Potential causes of double chin in a 22 year-old

Potential causes of double chin in a 22 year-old:


Excess neck fat → Neck liposuction

Weak chin bone → Chin implant

Excess deep neck fat → Mini neck  (submentoplasty + platysmaplsty)

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Treatment options for 22yo with inherited double chin

A lunchtime neck lift is a misnomer.  This is real surgery and is not performed over a lunch hour.  Any type of invasive surgery will require at least 2 weeks to resolve swelling and bruising.  Obviously you will not be going back to work that day. 

The double chin can be addressed with either liposuction or a neck lift depending upon the patient’s existing anatomy and presence of submental or subplatysmal fat.

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Age 22, Slender Build, Inherited Double Chin. Candidate for Lunchtime Neck Lift?

 Absolutely NOT.  At 22 years of age you can't have loose tissues of the lower face which is what a Face Lift is for, no matter what type of Face Lift it is.  Now having said that, your face may have excess fat and that can be removed as well as using fillers like Perlane to shape the cheeks or even cheek implants but not a Face Lift.  

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What is the best way to treat a double chin?

A double chin is typically caused by excess fat deposits beneath the chin that detracts from a nicely defined chin jaw line. Laxity of the skin and muscle can enhance the double chin effect however it is unlikely that a 22 year old would have muscle and skin laxity that would warrant a neck lift. Without seeing pictures it is difficult to make that judgement. I would consult with at least two qualified and experienced facial plastic or plastic surgeons. Good luck!

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22? lunchtime necklift? proceed with caution please!

Hello, Thanks for posting a very good question on a very interesting topic. No question that genetics and your anatomy are the key factors in deciding on surgery but age should also be a strong consideration. Without the benefit of examining your neck anatomy I cannot give you definitive advice but I know that after doing thousands of neck and facelifts with local anesthesia that a standard necklift (lunchtime, mini, rapid recovery, etc) in a patient at age 22 would be a rare a occurrence. Probably more appropriate would be some small amount of skin excision and fat removal (everyone has some fat under their chin). Keep asking questions and meet with experienced & qualified surgeons who can guide you along this process. Getting surgery at such a young age can pose some problems for the down the line when patients really would benefit more from surgery. All the best & good luck! Dr. Kamran Jafri

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