Double Chin Choices? (photo)

Hi I am a fairly skinny girl: 5 foot 3 inches and 120 lbs. I've been down to 92 lbs for a few years but I gained weight recently but I know that I've always had a strange turtle like neck. My jaw line is swallowed by fat and I can literally see the fat bulging on my jaw below my ear. I haven't been professionally consulted yet but I have sent pictures for an online consultation and I've been told that it could be fat and I may have to get a platysma surgery done. Can I get some extra insight?

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Neck lift for fatty deposits in the neck

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 Most patients have fatty deposits above and below the platysma muscle which are known as submental fat and subplatysmal fat. Sub-platysmal fat  cannot be removed with traditional liposuction. When there is extensive subplatysmal fat, a neck lift must be performed to remove fat underneath the muscle. A platysma-plasty is then performed to suture the edges of the muscle back together and give a better angulation of the jawline. There is no skin removal needed with a neck lift. For examples please see our neck lift photo gallery

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Neck lipo

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There are many ways of enhancing the neck line and helping to define your neck.  An in-person exam is required to come up with your best options.  Your options include liposuction, liposuction with a platysmaplasty done under the chin, a platysmaplasty done with an incision around the ears, radiofrequency to reduce tissue and muscle fullness under the chin, and  a chin implant.  Consult with a board-certified Facial Plastic surgeon.  Best wishes. 

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Double chin

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Based upon your photo, liposuction would likely be necessary but only after physical exam can it be determined if you can benefit from tightening of the chin/neck muscle (aka platysmaplasty) as well.  I recommend consulting with a board certified plastic surgeon so that s/he can physically examine you to develop a final treatment plan.  Glad to help... 

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Double Chin Choices?

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Liposuction or a neck lift would be the two alternatives from your description, but a physical exam or the appropriate pictures would be necessary to give an accurate answer in regard to your specific circumstance. Find a plastic surgeon who performs hundreds of facial procedures each year. Then look at the plastic surgeon's website before and after photo galleries to get a sense of who can deliver the results. Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Liposuction only is probably adequate treatment.

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At your age it is unlikely that the platysma is creating obliquity in the neck. Usually liposuction by itself would be adequate treatment. Sub platysma fat cannot be suction but requires direct surgical excision. This rarely needs to be done in a young patient. Photograph would help.

Double Chin Correction

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Thank you for your question.   It would be hard to make specific recommendations without seeing a photograph or performing an exam.    In terms of treatment of the fatty tissue, liposuction will be your best option.   If you have loose muscle and fat underneath the muscle, you will benefit from a central platysmaplasty.   If you have a retrusive chin, then you may also benefit from a small chin implant.   I wish you a safe and healthy recovery.

Paul S. Gill, MD
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