Double Chin Re-appeared 5 Weeks Post Op, Why Would this Happen?

Initially I was very happy with the results, my double chin was COMPLETELY gone and looked amazing.Now, I'm 5 wks post op and when I go for 24 hours or so without wearing my compression garment, my double chin seems to reappear. The area becomes tender and sore to the touch, and my skin gets warm- the only thing that helps is wearing the compression garment. I’m very disappointed because I feel like the great results I initially had were just temporary side effects of the compression garment.

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Double chin reappearance

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You are still healing and need to give the skin a chance to retract.  If the compression garment gives you support, then try to wear it as much as possible. You might need some skin resection at a later date but, unfortunately, without photos, it is difficult to get into specifics. 

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