Double Chin After Lower Jaw Surgery? (photo)

I had lower jaw reduction surgery to correct my bite, an year ago. I still have one sided double chin plus a very prominent fat accumilation exactly under my chin. I also had a stone (1mm)in submandibular salivary gland which is gone now, but sometimes i feel a strong feeling lkie pulling muscles in there near the gland. My neck and shoulder is very slender. what is my best option ? liposuction for double chin or what??

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Post jaw surgery double chin

the photo image does note a fullness under the chin and it can be 'reduced' with liposuction/liposculpture techniques; but generally,you have to realize that there will still be some laxity in the area. You appear too youthful for a type of necklift which is another procedure used to change contours in that area. The procedure of liposculpture is quite basic and a simpler recovery compared to 'jaw surgery'

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