I had my breast augmentation 2 month ago, I went from a A to a D cup size. Do I Have a Double Bubble? (photo)

I had my breast augmentation 2 month ago,I went from a A to a D cup size, my doctor gave me 400ml under the muscle silicon breast implants with the incision under the breast,and i am very happy with the result, i have only one concern about my right breast i can see like a light shadow, and im not sure is that from my strech marks or do i develope a double bubble?

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Do I have a double bubble?

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Difficult to say, the angle of the photo is slightly off, but it appears no. I would continue with good support and to follow the PS post op instruction and allow your body to heal, it will continue to change over the next few months to weeks. Good luck!

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Just fine after breast augmentation

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I don't think you have a double bubble, and your augmentation looks very good. I can see the slight irregulrity of the fold and shadow on you 'before' picture and it is quite normal for it to be in the 'after'. Support with an underwire will help support and set the fold.

Peter E. Johnson, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Breast and implant shape discrepancy should improve, but can be fine tuned if needed with fat grafting

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It is important to realize that implants only come in a limited number of shapes and sizes, whereas breasts do not. If you look at your before pictures you will see that the shape of your breasts is not the same as the 400cc implants underneath them. This means there is a slight shadow visible where your old breast ends and the underlying larger diameter implant begins. As one who performs hundreds of implant procedures a year, I am usually able to predict and explain this to patients ahead of time. Over time this shadow should smooth out, but if it does not, I have found the simplest approach is fat injection in the area to smooth out the discrepancy.At the present time your implants appear to be sitting in a good position, but it is important to wear good support to minimize the risk of continued stretching of the skin of the lower part of the breast over time.

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Linear shadow likely secondary to breast fold

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Thank you for the photos.  I am glad to hear that you are happy with your results.  The shadowing that you see is likely from the breast fold now being higher up onto the lower half of the breast.  I would encourage you to wear your bra religiously and support the implant position as you would not want the implant to be any lower than it currently is.  The IMF may soften with time and the shadowing may improve.  If it does not your options would be to either close the lower pole of your breasts a little or to score the fold a little so that it does not show as much.

All the best,

Dr Remus Repta

Remus Repta, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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Double b?

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Good question, I do think I can see your old fold and your new fold which some would call a double bubble, it is subtle though, if it doesnt bother you I would suggest leaving it 

Do I Have a Double Bubble?

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Yes I see the area your are asking about. And yes this is a very very minor "double bubble" effect. Either accept the result or try fat grafts to area. 

Double bubble?

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You may very well have a semblance of a double bubble but it is hard to see from the photos. If it is very faint, it may stretch out enough to not be noticeable after a few more months.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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