Is This a Double Bubble? PLEASE HELP! :(

Today I'm exactly 4 weeks post op. My surgeon insists everything is healing very well & w/ the massages & time it will fill out the breasts. At the pre op consultation he said I did NOT need a lift. That w/ the 500cc HP saline implants it was enough. I burst into tears whenever I see my breasts now.Will this ever correct itself? did i need a lift? If yes, is he to assume costs should I need a revision? :(

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Correcting the double bubble

Yes you do have a 'double bubble' with the breast implant projecting below the natural breast fold and lifting the whole breast over the implant. The situation is only four weeks out and it may settle as the lower portion of the breast expands to cover the implant. If the situation does not solve itself the fold can be repaired, and a smaller less projecting implant may be a better choice. The lift is not part of the solution.

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Breast Implant Complications and Corrections

I can understand why you are concerned looking in the mirror, however, you should wait a full 3 months before examining your results. This may loosen up and change as the swelling subsides. Schedule a 3 month post-operative appointment with your surgeon. If you have lost confidence in your surgeon after this visit, seek advice from a reputable, board certified plastic surgeon. Best wishes!

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Analysis and repair of the double bubble with breast implants

From the pictures it does appear that you have a double bubble but not a bad one, and it is still early so too soon to make predictions about the long-term results. Double bubble can be caused by large implants when there is a short distance from the fold to the areola, because the diameter of the implant requires that the fold be lowered in order for the implant to be centered. The crease that causes the double bubble is often the original fold, and it can stretch out a bit. Another cause is the muscle release, which results in the muscle being attached to the capsule at about the same level. The muscle pulls up causing the fold. If you see it pulling up at the crease when you flex your pectoral muscles then it is less likely to get better on its own.

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May be Best to Consult with Your Surgeon About Options

Typically, it's best to wait 6 to 12 months depending on the reason for #revision.  Matters such as sagging or drooping  and size change will not improve with time. As with all cosmetic surgery, results will be rewarding if expectations are realistic. With any surgical procedure, there are some risks which your doctor will discuss with you during your consultation. It's best to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeons who have specialized in breast surgery and cosmetic surgery are suitable to perform your breast augmentation. Aside from checking board-certification, it is suggested that you look at before and after photos of the surgeons actual patients, and read patient reviews. Gathering all of this information will help you make a well-informed decision.

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Is This a Double Bubble? PLEASE HELP!

It is too early to evaluate the final outcome of the procedure performed. Generally speaking, the double bubble phenomenon usually represents  a problem along the lower pole of the breasts,  where one can feel/see the breast implant below the “previous” infra mammary fold area. One “bubble” is caused by the breast implant, the other by the breast tissue.

Reconstruction,  if necessary longer-term, will likely involve the use of sutures to repair the breast implant capsule and reconstruct the inframammary fold areas. The use of additional supporting material such as acellular dermal matrix or biosynthetic mesh may be helpful also.

Make sure that your plastic surgeon has significant/demonstrable experience helping patients with this type of revisionary breast surgery. You may find the attached link helpful to you as you learn more. Best wishes.

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Double bubble

After breast augmentation, it takes time for implants to settle. For smooth implants (which is likely what you have if they are saline), implant displacement techniques (or massage) will help to stretch the muscle. In the first month after surgery, the implants are squeezed by the overlying muscle, and therefore your own breast tissue sometimes looks saggy over the implant. When you do a breast implant displacement or massage particularly in the upward direction, it stretches the muscle to allow the implant to settle into a good position. This will give a rounder appearance to the breasts – especially on the bottom. You need to wait a minimum of 3 months to start to see the results, and even after this there can be more implant sttling. I would recommend you be patient and continue to follow the recommendations of your plastic surgeon, With regard to revisions, every plastic surgeon has their own policy which you likely reviewed and signed before your operation.

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Correcting double bubble deformity with revision to subfascial

this is double bubble deformity.  In your case I would prefer to correct it by using a much wide implnat, releasing some subdermal attachments and converting to a cold-subfascial plane to allow appropriate shaping of your breasts.  I hope this helps!


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Too early to assess long term results.

I would agree that you have a mild double bubble. Over time, the 500cc implants will stretch this band and give a more agreeable contour to the lower portion of the breast. Continued massage and possibly a bandeau may hasten this process. At 1 month, you are still far too early to assess the final results. Wait at least 3 months. As for financial responsibility, this is very office dependent and a discussion with the surgeon is the only way for you to know.

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Double bubble

I would give it soem more time.Maybe a breast strap on the top of your breast can stretch out your lower pole.I would do that and massage.

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You will need revision

you have double bubble and this due to the position of your inframammary fold and nipple position. Your surgeon tried to prevent lift and give the maximum lift with implant .He had to try to lower your fold to have implants as low as possible to lift the nipple. The problem is that the pectoralis muscle is detached from the chest Wall and implant is dropping. You may want to wait till all swelling are resolved and then may need pocket revision and lift.

Kamran Khoobehi, MD
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