11 day post op. Is This Double Bubble? (photo)

Hallo. My English isn´t very good, please excuse. I am 11 days post-op. I know that isn´t mutch but I am so worried and afraid. Immediately after surgery I could see my "old" breast like a bump on the implant. When I talked to the surgeon, before going home, he sade that would disappear pretty quick but nothing have been improved. Is it a chanse that this could be a nice result without more surgery? I have siliconimplants, Perthese, 600cc high profile, subpectoral placement.

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Is This Double Bubble?

Yes there is a MINOR double bubble effect due to the pect. muscle ridge. Only further surgery can address this. 

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Double bubble

Yes, it looks like you have a double bubble.  At this time, you should wait a few months. You  may need a smaller implants, support to your fold, and /or release of the lower pole better.  An exam is key.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Double Bubble

It appears that you have a "double bubble" that is a result of the implant extending below the fold and the original fold continuing to be visible.  It is often necessary to position the implant lower than the fold and to create a new fold.  It appears that the distance from your nipple to your fold prior to surgery was rather short.  In order to place an implant properly your surgeon lowered the fold.  Usually the old fold will gradually become less visible although it is difficult to predict with any certainty.  You are very early in your postoperative recovery so I would advise patience and following your surgeon's recommendations. 

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Double Bubble after Breast Augmentation

 It does appear that you have a double bubble.  Surgical improvement is possible to improve the appearance of the breast. I would wait at least 3 months before pursuing correction.


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Your implants are too big for your breast tissue

You have too big a implants for your chest and breast tissue. There is a tape at the cleavage and looks like that there were repair of symmastia. You need to wait till swelling subsides and discuss your concerns with your surgeon. You breast does not have enough tissue support 600cc implant.

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Double bubble question breast implants

Yes, you have a double bubble and it may go away with time or you may desire a revision surgery. Wait at least 3 months to see what happens. Your pre op picture shows how high your natural fold is and to enlarge the breast the fold has to be lowered. try to be patient and good luck!

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Is The Crease In My Breast A Double Bubble?

Thank you for your pictures and your question.  You do, in fact, have a double bubble.  By definition, a double bubble is when the breast implant goes below the old inframammary fold, and the fold dents in the implant so that there is out pouching above the fold and one below the fold. 

Sometimes, this dent goes away and sometimes it doesn't.  I know it's difficult waiting, but I would give this 4-5 months.  If it doesn't improve, then your surgeon can go back in, make some vertical creases in the horizontal dent and it should vanish. 

I am truly sorry you are going through this. 




What you are looking at is considered a double bubble; it’s just your old fold that you are seeing. There is a possibility that it can stay like that or it can correct itself. You should wear a breast band nice and tight to kind help expand the fold.


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Breast augmentation and double bubble

It appear that you have a mild form of "double bubble" or indent between your previous inframammary fold and the underlying implant.  At just 11 days post breast augmentation, it is still very early and this indent may well improve or resolve over the next 3 to 6 months.  I would not suggest any further surgery until you have allowed at least that amount of time for your tissues to heal and stretch.  Best wishes.

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Double shadow or double bubble breast deformity

Yes, it would appear that you have double bubble deformities and this may need further surgery to correct this.  Perhaps a doughnut mastopexy will be needed, smaller implants may be needed, release of the tight constriction below the breast may also need to be considered, fat grafting may also be considered.  All of these options may need to be considered.  Your Plastic Surgeon may be able to help you with this decision.


Good luck to you.


Frank Rieger M.D.  Tampa Plastic Surgeon

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