Will Double-bubble Get Worse over Time; Could the Implant Fall Down Lower?

One saline implant has formed a double-bubble and hangs a little lower than the other breast,first noticed 3 weeks after implantation.It looks slightly more obvious after a year but I gained 10 lbs. Do I need to have surgery and repair this so it won't get worse, or is this a fairly stable condition? I am small, had very small breasts, (had silicone implants for 16 years, removed 15 years ago and replaced a year ago with saline)Dr said no scar tissue - went to a B size with I believe 180cc.

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VIDEO: Breast asymmetry: bottoming out or double bubble

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This is a modest sized implant. However, it almost sounds as if you are describing a bottoming out of you implant. It may require elevation of the implant. As you age and if your breasts descends, it may cause a descent of the breast tissue over the implant.

Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Correction of "double bubble" breast

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The so called  "double bubble" breast typically occurs if the implant slips below the normal anatomical lower breast fold.  Even in patients that do not have an obvious infra-mammary fold before surgery, this can happen if they have a dense internal fold that is not recognized or addressed by the surgeon.

Most likely in your case your condition will not progress any further.  If the appearance is not that bothersome to you than in can be left alone.  On the other hand, correction of this condition requires internal suturing to re-establish the infra-mammary fold.  Make sure that your surgeon is skilled and experienced in this type of a corrective surgery.

Boris M. Ackerman, MD
Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon
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Double bubble correction

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Double -bubble may be related to Bottoming out - “bottoming out”  is the term used to describe the condition which occurs when the breast tends to look as if it has descended on the chest wall after previous surgery,  whether the surgery involved implants, a lift, or a reduction.  In the case of “bottomed out” implants,  sutures can often be placed in the lower pole of the breast to re-elevate the breast on the chest wall.  This is called a capsullorraphy and can achieve excellt results in the correction of “bottomed-out implants.

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Double bubble

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It would be nice to see a photo. It doesn't specifically have to be fixed, although most surgeons would want to so that the breasts look better.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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