Double Bubble and Uneven Breast Implants?

My breasts lost fullness and began to sag after breastfeeding. I wanted to regain fuller cleavage before my wedding at the end of June this year, and was advised to have implants, and a lift later if needed (was strongly advised against both at same time). I had 460cc silicone round implants, under the muscle. However, 3 weeks post-op, I have one implant REALLY high up, and both breasts with skin literally hanging off the bottom of the implants; they look deformed, and I'm distraught. Is this double bubble deformity? What could be done, and when? Thank you.

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Not double bubble, but may need intervention

Hi there-

It doesn't sound like you have a true double bubble deformity, but you do have a problem. While many surgeons are reluctant to perform breast lift and augmentation at the same time, because it does require a greater expertise and level of experience, it does sound like this may have benefitted you. Occasionally what you are describing improves all by itself over a bit more time as well...

I would contact your surgeon and stop in for a visit. It may be that something in your postoperative routine needs to be altered to improve the outcome, or that a minor intervention by your surgeon could salvage the outcome. The success of these maneuvers is usually related to the timing... the longer the implants sit in the less-favorable locations the greater the likelihood that this will persist long term without an intervention.

Good luck, and I hope you get what you wanted.

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A lift may have been helpful

Every patient is different almost like many plastic surgeons have different ideas about what they feel is the right approach. I perform a lot of combined breast lifts with breast augmentations but there are some plastic surgeons who chose to stage them. I would return to your plastic surgeon to discuss your options to decrease the excess skin and maybe lower the implant that is too high.

Dr Edwards

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