Double Bubble Revision Still Showing With Arms Down, Goes Away When Flexing, Is This A Good Sign?

I recently had double bubble revision surgery to my left breast. Immediately after surgery I noticed I still have it, although its not prevalent when I flex my chest muscles? i I am wearing an underwire bra and the strap. Is it a positive sign that it's not showing up when I flex? It's very obvious when I'm standing straight on in the mirror with arms down. Trying to be positive.

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Double bubble problems occurring too frequently these days.

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It seems like one out of every two questions in the breast implant site of this website concerns double bubble. Violation of infra mammary fold often with implants are too large most commonly is a problem. You should repost with specifics of the operation and photographs for a decent opinion.

Double bubble concerns

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Its difficult to say what is going on without a physical exam. But I am concerned that you are still seeing your double bubble deformity immediately after your revision surgery while you are standing upright with your arms at your sides.  Please followup with your surgeon who performed your revision for an evaluation.  Best wishes.

Dr. Basu

Houston, TX

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