Do I Have a Double Bubble 8 Days Post-op? (photo)

I am 8 days post-op and am extremely worried that my right breast has the double bubble effect. I sent pictures to my PS and he said that the right breast has just fallen faster than the left and is nothing to worry about at this point. He instructed me to tape up the right breast to prevent further dropping. Will this look normal with time? Is it getting worse?

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Breast augmentation and double bubble

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A "double bubble" crease or fold can sometimes occur following breast augmentation.  The double bubble can occur for a variety of reasons including a tuberous shaped breast, post operative scarring, capsular contracture, or a breast pocket and implant which lies below the original inframammary fold.   At just 8 days post breast augmentation it is still quite early and the fold doesn't appear to be severe.   The crease may well resolve over time. Taping or supporting the implant as your plastic surgeon has suggested can help and I would follow his instructions.  I would wait at least six months before considering any further surgery.  If at that time the problem hasn't resolved, there are options to correct the problem including a breast lift.  Best wishes.  

San Jose Plastic Surgeon
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Do I Have a Double Bubble 8 Days Post-op?

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Very early but it looks like yes you do. But better to discuss with your surgeon NOW. Allow 3 months of healing before making a request to correct. 

Double bubble?

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Yes, I believe you are seeing a double bubble. It is quite early and you may be able to alter things. You may try pushing the implant up and using strong supportive tape to anchor the inframammary fold. You would need to do this 24/7. Discuss this with your PS. If you try this there is nothing to lose and you need to start this ASAP. Good luck. 

Andrew Stewart, MD
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Double bubble?

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You may very well be developing a double bubble, but it is still early and things may stretch out a bit to accommodate.  I suggest you follow your surgeon's recommendations for now and see how things develop.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Double bubble 8 days after breast augment

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The heights of the breasts are asymmetrical but this does not necessarily indicate that you will develop a double bubble. I agree with your plastic surgeon that you need to give the left breast a chance to drop; it is also possible that the pocket required additional dissection but it is too early to rush to conclusions.

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