Double Bubble Bottoming Out? (photo)

Im 4 months post opp. I got 450 Cc salene implants under the muscle with the incision under the breast. My right breast has developed double bubble . I'm starting to experience a numb but almost sharp pain underneath my breast . Almost where the double bubble and my real breast meet. Will it go away? My other breast has developed nicely with no pain. I'm a barber and I'm right handed.It feels a little firmer than my other breast.I don't know if it will go away' I need a second opinion please help

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Double bubble

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this is a tough problem  to have both as a patient and also as a surgeon.  Looks like you will need to have this corrected.  This may take the form of re-attaching your fold and tucking it back in or may even consider fat grafting to the actual double bubble.  This can be discussed with your surgeon.  Good luck

Dr. Vasisht - South Shore Plastic Surgery

Concerns after Breast Augmentation Surgery?

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I'm sorry to hear about the problems you are experiencing after breast augmentation surgery.  Your plastic surgeon is in the best position to advise you accurately  given that he/she has a more complete understanding of your postoperative course and physical examination. Your best bet for an accurate “2nd opinion” would be in person consultation with board certified plastic surgeons in your area.

 It is difficult for online consultants who have a “snapshot” of your situation to divide you with precise advice. Your symptoms and pictures  may be consistent with breast implant encapsulation;  relatively thick scar tissue around the breast implant may explain why the breast  seems firmer and may cause breast implant displacement.  Of course, this diagnosis can only be made after direct physical examination.

Sorry,  that I cannot be  more precise with diagnosis and/or treatment recommendations.

 Best wishes.


Double Bubble Bottoming Ou

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Sorry to say you will need revision surgery to correct these issues. Seek opinions in person from boarded PSs in your city. Good luck. 

Double bubble after breast augmentation

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Double bubble after augmentation is related to several things.  The larger you go the more you have to lower the inframammary fold.  The tighter the inframammary fold the more the chance for the double bubble.  It looks like you are at least a D cup or bigger.  The double bubble early may go away if the ligaments which form the inframammary fold has been released during surgery and good healing has occurred after surgery (i.e. capsule formation has not formed).  However if after four months has passed and your have settled and the crease has not gone away it is probably going to require surgery to correct this.  This would mean releasing the ligaments that form the inframammary fold and or raising the current fold as it seems that you have bottomed out and your right breast looks lower than the left.  You should discuss these options with your plastic surgeon. 

Double bubbble

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Sorry about the unsatisfactory results. Your plastic surgeon should take care of this and if he/she does not want, please get second opinion. You will need surgical revision of the pocket to repair the fold. I would think you had very asymmetrical breast before surgery and your surgeon tried to lower the infra-mammary fold over the right side and that caused the problem. Your before picture would have been helpful.

Double Bubble after Breast Augmentation

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    There is a slight double bubble present.  However, the pain and hardness you are describing requires an exam to rule out capsular contracture.   In cases of double bubble that I revise, I always try to get patients to bring the preoperative photos to get an idea if any constriction or asymmetry existed before.  Please find the plastic surgeon with the BEST credentials for your needs.

Double Bubble Bottoming Out

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It does appear that you have a double bubble due to bottoming out. Although the discomfort you are feeling may improve, the contour will not change without surgery.

A real second opinion will require an in person consultation. Short of that it is not possible to suggest a specific course of treatment. you haven't mentioned speaking with your own surgeon, which should be your first step. Thanks for your question and for the posted photos. All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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