Do I Have Double Bubble and How Can This Be Fixed? (photo)

Hello, i had a second breast surgery with 600 cc Mc Ghan implants to correct sagging breasts. It seems the dr placed the implants too low to correct the sagging appearance , which worked, but it also gave me double bubble. How can this be corrected? Should i try mastopexy through the areola or re - position the implants higher again? Thanks

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Doubt double bubble

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You probably just have a skin fold there. Large implants do not correct sag. A lift might be more work and scarring than it is worth for such a small problem for now. When your sag returns maybe. 


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John Di Saia MD

Orange Plastic Surgeon

Bubble, Bubble..-The Trouble is there is No "Double Bubble"

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Respectfully, the single photograph posted does not show a case of "double bubble". It shows a pair of large obviously augmented breasts whose implant whose implant choice appears to have been based more on fitting the tattoo above it than on your breast size and chest and breast dimensions. If you started with significant breast sagging, the answer should ave been a breast lift or an augmentation lift NOT the placement of huge breast implants which will rapidly sag and permanently thin the breasts.  

Every decision has consequences. Large implants (over 350 cc) have benefits but also significant drawbacks some of which are not correctable. 

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Double bubble ? or skin looseness?

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In this one photo, I honestly don't see the classic double-bubble appearance - it looks more like a little skin laxity / looseness.  While that could be excised, leaving an inframammary scar... I don't think it is worth the trade-off at this point.  Might be better to leave well enough alone.

Double bubble?

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I do not see the double bubble inthe one photo you posted.  It is best to be evaluated in person. You  may need to go smaller and have the fold fixed if that is the case.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Do I Have Double Bubble and How Can This Be Fixed? (photo)

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Only one posted photo and too little information for an over the internet answer. Best to seek in person second opinions. I do not see the doubling. 

" Double Bubble”?

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Thank you for the question.

It is hard to make an  accurate diagnosis  based on the picture provided. If your implant has settled below the inframammary fold,  then I would suggest "reconstruction” of the inframammary fold area using internal sutures (capsulorraphy).  I would favor this approach over any type of mastopexy that would leave additional scars on your breasts.

If you decide to embark on revisionary surgery make sure your plastic surgeon  has significant demonstrable experience with this type of surgery.

Best wishes.

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