Double Bubble Still After 6 Months Post Op on One Breast, Should I Get a Revision?

I've had breast enlargement 6 months ago.Before surgery I had cup size c, no saggy breasts.I now have 345g round silicone implants above the muscle.My right breast developed beautifully but my left has got double bubble,a bit of the implant can be seen (like a buckle) and is higher than the right one.I'm afraid it might be because of wrong placement by the surgeon b/c the right one seems perfect.I went to see my surgeon but he didn't seem to care.What to do, I'm desperate? Insist on revision?

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Double Bubble

You seem to have a good understanding of your problem. It would have been easier if you posted your pictures to see what exactly is the problem. After 6 months it is not going to change. Double bubble happens because the implant cut through the inframammary crease (the fold). Pocket needs to be revised, fold recreated and supported with Alloderm (or similar material) and settle for a smaller implant.

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Double Bubble

Try going back and talking to your surgeon again and discussing your concerns.  IF you have confidence in your surgeon, it's always best to allow him/her to help you.  Revisionary surgery is tricky and the surgeon has to know what to do to correct the situation - otherwise you can have multiple procedures that only worsen the results.  IF you don't have confidence in your surgeon, do your research and look at LOTS of before and after photos to make sure the surgeon has the experience you are looking for. 

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Double bubble

i would definitely get a second opinion.  very difficult to give meaningful advice without seeing pictures.  i am not sure i understand. sounds like the implant low, hence the double bubble, yet it is too high. i guess also the question should be asked why they were placed above the muscle.  good luck

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Please send pixtures

It is impossible to make any comments without your before and after pictures. If you can not send pictures, get a second opinion.

Kamran Khoobehi, MD
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Double bubble?

If you ahve a double bubble and you are concerned, but the surgeon is not, you may want to seek a second opinion.  Good luck.

Steven Wallach, MD
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