What Would Cause a Double Bubble In One Side 1 Week PO?

I am 7 days post op after having re-augmentation following severe rippling after having 2 children.I was previously 375cc above & decided along with my surgeon to go 465cc ehp under.I now have what looks like 2 breasts.The implant is impacted tight high up under my chest muscle I have a separate droopy breast way underneath,where my old implant used to be!My right is FAR worse than the left.My surgeon has taped them down & I go back in 2 wks?why has this happened?is this normal?

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Revision breast augmentation with “double bubble'”

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  The so called “double bubble” deformity occurs when the breast implant and your own native breast tissue are not ”in synch”.  Typically it occurs when the implant is located below the lower boundary of your own breast, but from your description it seems that your implants are actually placed above the level of your innate inframammary fold.    Revision breast surgery, especially when exchanging from under the breast to under the muscle, requires specific techniques to avoid the problem that you have described.  When properly executed  (with correct implant selection, proper creation of the new pocket, use of tissue matrix, etc.) the result of revision breast augmentation should be quite predictable and satisfying.

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Implant issues

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Without seeing what is going on, it is difficult to say.  But if the implant diameter appears larger than the breasts and it looks like two breasts, then you probably will need a revision.

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