I Had a Double Blepharolasty 12/11 with Revision 5/12 & Still Have Problems? (photo)

I had a double Blepharplasty .Had fat pads removed from lower lids. Price for very well known surgeon was $8K. (What is normal price?) This did Not include any Lasar treatments at all. I had lots of retained sutures & milia. & went back to surgeon 5 times ! Nurse botched eyes completely digging out my sutures/ opening milia painfully without anesthesia! Claimed I was "imagining it"! Then Dr did in office revision & I went thru similar nightmare! Still have stitch & milia & am very wrinkly.HELP

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Good afternoon!


I am sorry to hear of your difficulties after surgery.  I am glad you had a revision, and I understand your apprehension, but it has only been three days since surgery.  I would try and relax and give time for swelling to dissipate.  You need to follow your PS instructions closely and give it a couple of weeks.


I hope this helps


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