Is This a Double Bubble and Will It Better Itself? (photo)

Dear Doctors, I'm from Germany&13 days post-op. 2 days post-op I noticed the following astethical problem (attached in a picture plus the before) as the band-aid got loose. The probability that it's been there since day 1 is big. My PC acts as if its nothing & it will change. I'm really concerned and keep wondering why it appeared immediately after surgery? And because it appeared so soon and not later in the process, how are chances that it will change or is revision inevitable? PLEASE help.

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Double Trouble with Double Bubble Breast

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Thank you for the picture.  From what I can see you have a double bubble.  This issue will not correct itself and surgical intervention will be necessary to improve the breast aesthetics.

Dr. ES

Double Bubble and How to Treat

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From your photos it does appear that you have a double bubble deformity which results from the fold of the breast being lowered - often to try and treat a breast that might need a lift. It looks like you needed a lift from your pre-op photos and your surgeon tried to lower the fold to get the nipples centered on the breast. This is not something that will resolve on its own, but can be corrected. Unfortunately, this does require a second operation and suturing of the breasts inside to help restore the fold to its natural position. However, it is better to allow for sufficient time for your body to heal and develop a capsule which will be used in the correction of the problem. Normally you should wait 4-6 months before a second procedure. 

Best of luck,

Vincent Marin, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

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