What I Had to Do...to Make Lower Eyelid More Upper (Very Had Less Skin)? (photo)

i had accident 5 years ago...after braced...my lower left eyelid dropped(got very tight and little skin)...also with my jaw lowered...recently..i had surgery on my cheekbone...back into normal place...but my eyes had bad symetry ...also my upper orbital bone more larger than right side....are i had done a mistake do i should make jaw allignment first..and then cheekbone surgery? what can i do to correct my mistake..and make my lower eyelid more upper?

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Lower eyelid retraction from scarring

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It appears you have left lower eyelid retraction, possibly due to scarring inside or short skin. In person oculoplastic exam is needed to know the reason. Then you can consider the possible treatment solution which may include midface lift with spacer graft with lower eyelid retraction surgery.  See an oculoplastic surgeon.

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