Does Not Look Normal at All? (photo)

i did my surgery be4 1 month and 17 day now my problem that my nose look so up it look so not natural what i did in my first couple of weeks worry me i alway tape my nose in a way it well make it look up without knowin that it goin to effact the shape of my nose i lat the tape for a week wen i remove the tape it was so up then i tape it down but it goes dwon for 1 day and in the other it goes up since then it always goes up so i leave it i ask my doc he said it well go down am not sure plz help

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Nose look normal?

You are very early in your postoperative period. I have no idea what your nose looked like before which would be very helpful. It is unlikely that the taping you have done will cause permanent problems. Nasal changes can take as long as 12 months to really see the final result. I would make sure that you communicate with your surgeon and be patient with your final result.

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