What is a Low Dose of Lovenox Post-op? Tummy Tuck/augmentation?

Just wondering what is considered a low dose (safe dose)? I know some surgeons sugest blood thinners and some do not but I would like to know what a low dose and for how many days for my own knowledge before my consultaion.

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What is a Low Dose of Lovenox Post-op? Tummy Tuck/augmentation?

There is evidence coming out currently on this topic. Depending on your risk factors (please look up Caprini score to see the measurement tool), the recommendations are for a dose of blood thinner at a prophylactic dose (as opposed to a therapeutic dose). The exact dose is determined based on weight. There have been papers describing oral pills for blood thinners in the orthopedic literature, and it will likely be the next thing to hit plastic surgery soon. 

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Lovenox for mommy makeover surgery.

If you plastic surgeon evaluates you and finds that you are at an increased risk for clots (DVT, a.k.a. deep vein thrombosis) in your legs or pelvis with your mommy makeover, a decision will be made to use low dose blood thinners to protect you from this complication.

There are many options for these blood thinners. With lovenox, in my practice, we use 40mg. daily for 7-10 days. This small daily injection is given by the patient to herself (much the same way that a diabetic patient self administers insulin). Significant others are allowed to assist with this process, as necessary.

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Lovenox and mommy makeover

Lovenox is a blood thinner that is used in the time period around surgery to help prevent the formation of blood clots in your legs (also known as a DVT).  These clots can travel to the lungs (known as a PE) and can be life-threatening.  The overall risk is low in the healthy patient (probably around 1% or less).  Typically, the shots are given after surgery (usually that evening) and for several days (depending on your surgeon).  The usual dose is 40 mg injected into the subcutaneous tissue.  


When you have your consultation with your plastic surgeon, I would advise that you discuss the risks of DVT and things that are done to minimize your risks (like walking, compression devices on your legs, etc.).  Also, make sure that you choose a board-certified plastic surgeon who operates in an accredited facility.  Good luck!

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Lovenox in our practice is used for big surgeries as in Tummy tuck, Mommy make overs. We use it for post care to make sure you dont get a DVT(blood clot). A small dose is 5ml a syringe. It is injected into you once a day for 5 days post surgery not before surgery.

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