What Dosage of Accutane Should I Use to Reduce Hair Sebum

What Dosage of Accutane Should I Use to Reduce Hair Sebum

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Accutane and Sebum

I agree with Dr. Perri. This is a secondary affect of the Accutane and not something that most prescribing physicians use Accutane for. Thus, the dosage and needed amount is harder to determine. Usually dosing for Accutane has to do with your weight, type and level of acne, the environment where you live, and the k/mg needed to combat those but tolerate the medication. If you aren't using Accutane to treat acne, you can probably get by with a much lower dose - like 5mg or 10mg even twice a week. I'd suggest you see a board-certified prescribing physician to go over what you want but your dosage will be much lower if you're not looking for it to treat acne.

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Accutane Effects on Sebaceous Glands

Accutane has a temporary effect on sebum production as it reduces sebum secretion and the size of the sebaceous (oil/sebum producing) glands.  The objective of an Accutane course is durable remission of acne.  The temporary effect on decreased sebum production is not an indication for treatment with Accutane but a transient benefit of this medicine.  As always, I recommend being evaluated and discussing Accutane with a board certified dermatologist so the most optimal treatment plan can be devised.

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