Had Multiple Revision for TT and Arm Lift to Remove Excess Skin, Is this Normally Necessary?

I have had a blepharoplasty, a brachioplasty and an abdominalplasty. In each case the surgeon did not take off enough skin. I had to go back twice for the blepharoplasty twice for abdmoninplasty and 3 times for the brachioplasty. While I appreciate that one must be conservative and not take off too much skin, having to redo these surgeris is time consuming and costly. Is this normal? Also, who should bear the cost of these 2d and 3rd surgeries? The surgeon or the patient?

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Had Multiple Revision for TT and Arm Lift to Remove Excess Skin, Is this Normally Necessary

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Thank you for ypur question. I am going to assume that you have lost a substantial amount of weight. Patients that have undergone massive weight loss (>100lbs) tend to much of their elasticity in their skin. After a body contouring procedure in this population, there can be some residual laxity seen several weeks later. This lax skin can be excised as a revision. Discuss your concerns with your Plastic Surgeon. Best Wishes

Redo abdominoplast, brachioplasty, and eyelid surgery

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I am sorry that you have had to undergo so many revisions.  Are you a massive weight loss patient?  Revisions are common after surgery in order to address imperfections.  The financial implications vary by provider.  I would advise you to have an honest conversation with your plastic surgeon in order to come up with a reasonable plan

Multiple Revision Plastic Surgery Procedures

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Thank you for the question.

I'm sorry to hear about your experience with plastic surgical procedures. Although revision surgery is part of the practice of plastic surgery, the number of revisions that you have required  is on the higher end. As you say, these operations are “time-consuming and costly”. Every practice has a different policy in regards to financial arrangements;  it is not unusual for patients to be responsible for anesthesia and surgery center expenses.

Best wishes.

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It is not uncommon to need revision surgery after plastic surgery.  As you stated, being conservative is better than overly aggressive, especially for blepharoplasty.  However, it is odd that you have needed revision surgery for every procedure you had undergone.  I certainly have performed dog ears excision after procedure; but 3 surgeries for brachioplasty seems a little excessive.  If I need to revise a procedure, I work with my patients for the cost of surgery; most time, patients are responsible for OR/anesthesia fee for revision though. Please discuss with your plastic surgeon regarding his/her revision policy.  He/she may have discussed that with you prior to your first surgery.

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