Dorsal Onlay Graft Vs Fascia with Diced Cartillage for Bridge Augmentation?

Hello, I would like to ask what is considered as best option for bridge augmentation these days. It seems like many doctors tend to use fascia with diced cartillage instead of dorsal onlay grafts however there are some patients who claim that after few years fascia with diced cartillage reabsorbed. Is it possible and what is the best way for somebody who wants natural and most importantly permanent result? Thank you very much

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Nasal cartilage for dorsal onlay bridge augmentation is preferred

The best option for dorsal augmentation is still nasal cartilage for a dorsal onlay bridge augmentation.  Diced cartilage grafts with fascia have a variable absorption rate and have not been tested over a long period of time.

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Nasal Augmentation with Custom Carved Silicone Implant


The best implant for dorsal augmentation is a custom carved silicone implant. This will outlive any other implant. The trick is to find a surgeon that knows how to put them in. Cartilage and or fascia  grafts can resorb and or have irregularities. See my site below for further explanantion or dorsal augmentation.



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