Can a Dorsal Bump Grow Back After Rhinoplasty? (16 Year Old Boy)

I'm 16 and i'm getting rhinoplasty soon with the consent of my parents. I'm wondering if after removal of the dorsal hump, it can grow back since i'm not an adult yet. What are the chances of this happening?

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Rhinoplasty at 16 Years Old for Dorsal Hump

I normally like to wait for male rhinoplasty patients to plateau in terms of their growth before having surgery. In most cases, this is around 17-18 years old. If you undergo surgery prior to the plateau period, you might see some postoperative changes that will detract from an otherwise great result. Keep this in mind. You might want to just wait another year or so.

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Will Nasal Hump Grow Back?

By the age of 17-18, boys should have reached skeletal maturity, ie bones no longer growing.  A rhinoplasty done after that point in time that effectively removes the bony as well as the cartilage part of the hump will remain stable long term.

Good luck.

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Bony Nasal Hump Growing Back in 16 Year Old Male

   Most humps are both bony and cartilaginous.  That being said, the bony portion of the nose can continue to grow as long as the rest of skeleton is growing.  If you have not finished growing in height, your nose may not be finished either.

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