If I Don't Wear a Girdle my Stomach Swells So Bad It Literally Feels and Looks Like Its Going to Explode?

I had my tt 2 yrs ago. I developed seroma after a month. For the first year I spent a lot of time at my doctors office for drainage. Then I felt as if there wasn't anything my doctor could/would do. I have been wearing a girdle everyday all day. I found that the girdle keeps the swelling down. On days that I don't wear it, my tummy swells so bad it feels and looks like it's going to explode. I had an infection, horrible bb and scar. I'm miserable & can't pay for another tt. Any ideals?

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Exploding abdomen after tummy tuck

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Your experience and persistent problems are not typical after a tummy tuck procedure. It is very unlikely that there is any swelling two years after a tummy tuck. The problems must be either with muscular support, or excess skin and fat which causes your abdomen to remain prominent. No easy solutions here, though a second consultation to confirm where you have come up short will be the best start.

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