How would my teeth look if I had to have my canine teeth removed? (Photos)

my mom says that i have to take my canine teeth out and my wisdom teeth too. Im okay takibg out my wisdom teeth when they come but but i want my canine teeth. My sister just got her braces off and her teeth are to the front and i dont like her teeth. She didnt take her canine teeth out but shell take out her wisdom teeth out when they grow. Im scared that my teeth will come out like hers and i dont want that but i want my canine teeth. How would my teeth look if i took them out and if i didnt?

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Removing Canines

I don't have a problem with you removing your wisdom teeth but I strongly recommend you do not remove your canine (cuspid) teeth.  These teeth are very important both from a bite consideration and an esthetic consideration.  You would be creating a very big problem if these teeth were removed.  A consult with an orthodontist would be highly recommended.  Good luck.  

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