Don't Want Lumps After Lipo and Fat Transfer?

I've read in so many places that EVERYONE gets some types of lumps after lipo and its not really smooth when you run your hands around your body you can feel this(so much for body contouring =(. ) Is this true? is it inevitable and will happen no matter what? I'm also having that fat transferred to my buttocks. Will getting a lymphatic massages help? Yes I am going to a double board certified plastic surgeon incase anyone asks. Thank you :)

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Don't want lumps after lipo?

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Having little lumps on the treated area is normal after liposuction, in the office our patients have several visits with our therapist for lymphatic massages.
she works on the troubled areas and drains the liquid out of your body for you to have a smooth finish on your body, have no lumps and heal a lot faster.

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Lumps after lipo

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Lumps after lipo can be caused by the surgeon's technique or if you're starting out with a lot of loose skin, the skin afterwards can look looser and lumpy.  If you don't have loose skin in a talented surgeon's hands the risk is very low.  The greatest risk is the abdomen. I usually add Smartlipo to get better tightening of the skin which reduces the risk even lower.  I would recommend having a conversation with your surgeon about it.
Dr Gartner
Paramus, NJ

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