What if I Dont Want to Be 150 Pounds. Can I Still Have my Desired Results for TT and Lipo? (photo)

My Surgery is scheduled for 4-4-2012. I love my curves. I have realistic expectations. I am a mother of nine not 2, 3, or 4 not even five children. After my 5th child I looked like I had none, still have no stretch marks. i've had 1 c section and a hysteroctomy. Now I have nine and i like being a little thicker than what society says my ideal weight is supposed to be, not what i want, Now about 160-170 is good for me, i do not want to be 200 nothing, but ive been exercising all my life and now it seems as if its not moving, answers.

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Losing weight after nine kids? (photo)

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Running around after nine young dynamos should be an effective calorie burner, but if this hasn't been enough, you should consult a weight loss professional.  You've already set goals, perhaps the most important step.  The path to achieving your goals must be individually designed for you, and depends on your current diet, preferences, lifestyle, daily routine, ability to exercise and activity preferences, budget, and other factors.  I like removing alcoholic beverages first if this is contributing, because they are calorie dense.  Appetite suppressants generally help also.  Whoever you consult with must partner along.  My routine is to see weight loss patients weekly to measure progress, address problems, and overcome them to stay on track.  You've given birth to nine, time to do something good for yourself!

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