Why Don't They Take off All the Fat when You Get Liposuction?

Hi I wanna get the Brazilian butt lift I weight 173 and I'm 5 feet and 6 inches I want a body and butt like Kim kardashian butt im afraid they won't move all the fat and just leave me with a big but and a fat stomache and butt so yeay don't they take off all the fat with liposuction

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What Is Left Behind In Liposuction Is Just As Important As What Is Removed

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Not only is it not possible to physically remove all fat by liposuction, you would not want to even if you could. Without fat your skin would stick right down to muscle and bone and not move when you move. The skin would be tethered, contracted and very unattractive as well. Just ask any patient who has ever had skin grafting for burn injuries. It is also important in liposuction to leave an adequate amount of fat on the underside of the skin to prevent the cosmetic deformities of irregularitiies and indentations.  

It is unpossible to take the whole fat tissue during any kind of lypo/no se puede tomar toda la grasa durante una lipo

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lypo it is not  for to loose  weight ( fat it is not heavy if not light, practically only volume) even if you could  remove the whole fat tissue behind the skin still you have intestinal fatty tissue) so in any kind of   lypo you  loose  seizes  but little  weight.

personnally you got un overweight of more than 30 lbs, so you need to loose at leaast 15 lbs in order you be an excellent candidate for BBL.

no eres  buena candidata para BBL porque aun estas pasada mas de 30 lbs de sobrepeso, requeririas perder no menos de 15 lbs  para considerarte  buena candidata

Ramon Navarro, MD
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

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