Why Dont Surgeon Listen to What Patients REALLY and when They Are Unhappy with Outcome of Their Implants?

Been using same Dr since 1999! 1st time was perfect! 2nd time(2011) many issues, 3rd time(2011) NOT happy either( he blamed me for both times)! He didnt listen to what I really wanted!Now I have 650cc style 45,1's lower than other, thick painful scars,cant wear bathing suit or bra for long (pain's frm scar)! I wanted ALOT of vol,sit very high on chest for cleavage! No kids or body image issues! been back many times to DR office but tired of feeling stupid,insulted and blamed for it! suggestions?

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As the others have said

Breasts that are augmented will begin to sag, just as normal,unaugmented breasts do. Our skin is designed to stretch and snap back, but eventually, the snapping back doesn't happen anymore, and the skin simply stretches.  I always tell patients that eventually the breast will not be high and round, that cleavage comes from bras pushing the breast tissue together, and that heavier implants will sag sooner depending upon each person's genetics.  Good luck, get a second opinion about what you can do to try to achieve a more satisfactory outcome.

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Expectations not met with breast implant revision

In an effort to meet your desires you have been left with an result that you do not like.  I see many problems here and I would let every patient understand that there is a limit to the size and implant weight that your soft tissue will support.  The Ultra high profile implant is very round with a narrow base.  It creates a heavy central load leading to excessive bottoming out.  Time, weight and gravity are not on your side.  Down and out is the fate of heavy implants.  If you can not communicate with your plastic surgeon then time for a second opinion.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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Balancing patient expectations and risks

It may help to know that plastic surgeons often wonder why patients don't hear that certain things cannot be accomplished without significant risks. One of the more common scenarios is using overly large implants and trying to get them too high and too close together. Each individual's anatomy will determine what the limitations are for them. Style 45 is a very high profile, and 650 cc is a very large size. It is possible that the problems you are experiencing are from your surgeon trying too hard to meet your expectations rather than not hearing what you want.

Richard Baxter, MD
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Why Dont Surgeon Listen to What Patients REALLY and when They Are Unhappy with Outcome of Their Implants?

        Very large implants will not sit high for long even in the best of circumstances.  You may want to get another opinion about the status of your breasts.  You may also want to post your pictures so that doctors may give additional commentary.


Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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Does surgeon listen to patient needs

I usually don't blame patients for problems because most are not their fault. Most surgeons will listen to your desires and plan accordingly. Just get another opinion if you are not happy.

Kurtis Martin, MD
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