I Think My Lateral Cartilage is Detached From the Nasal Bone. What Are My Options?

Hi I Don't Remember How but I Messed Up the Cartilage in my Right Nostril and I Think What I Messed Up Specifically is the lateral cartilage that is now not fully attached to the nasal bone. And I just wanna know how I can go about fixing this? Like if I would need septoplastly or rhinoplasty. I hope to get a reply because I know how silly this problem sounds but it really gets on my nerve because it looks crooked and takes a big toll on my confidence. Thank you so much.

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Repair of upper lateral cartilage detachment

A detached upper lateral cartilage from the nasal bone is a very common occurrence when the nose gets broken or from a previous rhinoplasty.  The repair for this involves harvesting nasal septal cartilage from inside of the nose, fashioning a spreader graft, and inserting that spreader graft underneath the upper lateral cartilage so that it has excellent continuity with the nasal bone.  This will also get rid of the concavity and possibly improve the airflow through the nose on that side.  Look for a surgeon who has extensive experience in rhinoplasty.

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