I don't know what my face needs, liposuction, a chin implant or a full jaw implant? (photo)

My face looks so tiny, undefined jaw/chin, double chin and bad side profile. I'm not sure what I need to improve the look of my face, lipo for under the chin, chin implants, or jaw implants but I'm not sure what is right for my face to help me further my research. I am also interested in possibly doing rhinoplasty if that will help with my side profile? Also, if I get an implant do doctors include the lipo under the chin to make it look chiseled or is that a separate charge?

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Neck lift/ liposuction, chin implant and rhinoplasty

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A chin implant is inserted through sub-mental approach to give more chin definition and augmentation and to increase projection of the chin. Silastic implants are manufactured in a variety of sizes and shapes depending upon what the patient's needs and desires are. There are 2 types of fatty deposits in the neck, sub-platysmal and sub-mental and both need to be addressed if present. A rhinoplasty can also be performed at the same time to decrease the overall projection of the nose and balance with your new facial structures. For many examples of the above 3 procedures, please see our photo gallery link below

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