Unhappy With Chin Implant- No Indent or Ball on my Chin, It's Straight and Square. What Can I Do?

I have a chin implant that goes along jaw line but my chin isn't attractive. It's square and straight. I'd like it defined more and a ball on it and indent. Can anything be done? Thank you very much. Sharon

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Chin too square after implant placement

There are several different style and shaped chin implants and you may have a style that creates a more square appearance. There are other options that may be used to improve the appearance so you could consider visiting with a plastic surgeon to get an opinion on whether replacing your current implant is a good option.

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Unhappy with Chin Implant

If you're unhappy with your chin, the appearance can be improved by changing the size and/or contour of the exiting implant. Consult with your surgeon or get a second opinion.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Improper Chin Implant Style For A Woman

Based on the description of your chin implant result, it sounds like you have gotten the wrong style of chin implant for a woman. Anatomical style chin implants will make a chin wider and more square, which is desireable in a man, but not in a woman. Most women are better off with a more central button style that does not have any wings, giving them more central projection and a more defined chin point. This creates more of a tapered chin look which is a more attractive shape on most female faces. 

Barry L. Eppley, MD, DMD
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Chin Implant Shape

Yes, you can inject filler in a different plane then the implant to help change the look of the chin.  Other then that, I would change out the implant for another shape. We have some implants in our office that patients can "try on" but otherwise need to rely on the surgeon for shape options.  Good luck!

Hannah Vargas, MD
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