Dont Think 420cc Are Big Enough for Me. Will They Get Fuller? If I Ask For Bigger, Will I Get Charged? (photo)

I just had 420 cc silicone implants with a lift a week ago. I dont think they are gonna be big enough. I was small B now Iam in D cup. will they get fuller and bigger when healed? Will doctor charge me more for bigger like 500cc? He thought 300cc was good I argued with that . I just want full cleavage nice breasts.

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Shape is more important than size in breast augmentation.

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1)  I advise against larger implants.  They will stretch your skin and age very badly.

2)  I am more concerned with your shape, which looks like it might not be great.  Of course wait six months, but you may need a revision to make shape more attractive (nipples not pointing down, etc.).

Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Implants Do Not Get Fuller after Surgery

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Unfortunately, your implants will not get fuller after surgery.  In fact, your breasts will get smaller as the swelling and bruising decreases over the next several weeks.  Give your breasts a few months to settle before deciding you want more.  Then discuss it with your surgeon.

Randy J. Buckspan, MD
Austin Plastic Surgeon
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