Increasing pain like neuropatic pain on the side and base of my skull on that side. On day three of my implant. Any suggestion?

Has this implant set off a nerve and am i likely to get a typical facial pain or TM symptoms increasingly?

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Nerve Pain after dental implant

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to Rule out damage to the nerve in the region of dental implant, you could see your surgeon and have a CT scan of the site. If nerve damage is present , then the implant will need to be removed as soon as possible and appropriate treatments are needed to help Nerve recovery 

The pain in the base of the skull/ TMJ could be due to opening wide during the surgery or hyperextension of your neck for a while during the surgery. Which will resolve on it's own. You could take some Anti inflammatory meds/ muscle relaxants to help ease the pain 

See your surgeon to rule out Nerve damage Asap. This is a time sensitive matter. 

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