Had a Capsulectomy, PS Found Green Cysts in Scar Tissue?

recently had implants removed and full capsulectomy. PS stated, the scar tissue he removed from both breasts was full of green cysts. Has anyone come across this before. I'm really worried. My PS has sent this to be analysed. Thankyou.

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Green Cysts After Capsulectomy and Implant Removal

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   If the implants were silicone, these could have been granulomas.  Cultures and a pathological rendering are needed.

Capsulectomy, PS Found Green Cysts in Scar Tissue

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Once you get your pathology report your surgeon will be able to give you advice. Until then, we would only be guessing. Thanks, and best wishes. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Green cysts after capsulectomy?

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Green cysts after capsulectomy?  Sounds a bit unusual. Were they sent for pathology or culture?  Best to follow-up with your surgeon.

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