What are these awful scars on my buttock? (photo)

Iv had them for years and now it's gotten to the point were I don't even want to have sex I'm so ashamed of them, how can I get rid of them, mostly scars but often they become quiet large and painful sometimes with a head and sometimes no heads

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Acne treatmebt

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Please consult an expert (dermatologist) for treatment of your acne. This should be relatively straightforward. I generally counsel acne patients to allow 2-3 months on treatment before assessing efficacy. I would not entertain the idea of laser or aesthetic treatments until you are medically controlled. 

Chicago Dermatologist

Melapads in Australia

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I would recommend a combination of pulsed dye laser, Melarase PM cream, and Melapads twice daily to reduce the visibility of your scars. 


Dr. Karamanoukian

Los Angeles

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