Can I have ear pinnaplasty for a third time? And will it keep my left ear back?

2014 I had both ears pinnaplasty done the right healed fine the left one got infected at the top so stick way out from bottom. I had a revision with my surgeon he agreed to do it again a year later July2015 I had op on left ear only. It went great my ear was set back after a month came forward nicely but 2 month later it back to sticking out at top but not as much as before. I'm gutted tbh shall I get a third revision with surgeon or go else where? Emotionally I'm drained but so self conscious

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Prominent ears can be caused by an underdeveloped antihelical fold, conchal bowl hypertrophy, or increased conchal mastoid angle.  In your case the conchal bowl hypertrophy and increased conchal mastoid angle at the superior third seem to be the recurrent issues.  This can be fixed.

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Complications create setbacks, but a third revision is typically possible.

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I am sorry to hear about your complication.  It would be important to learn from your physician if you have permanent or absorbable sutures in place, especially since you had a prior infection.  this will be relevant wherevery you end up treating it

An attempt at resetting the left upper ear is not unreasonable.  Complications do happen, so be honest with your plastic surgeon about your feelings, but do not loose faith in him or her if you feel he is treating you well.

of course, a fresh start may be preferred by the patients, in which case seek out others.

good luck to you

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3rd time pinnaplasty

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Hi manujacob,

Even at this stage, it is very unlikely for your nose to be pinned back with time (as recovery goes), therefore, if you want to do a revision, it can actually be done as soon as possible. For a more permanent solution, more cartilage work and fixation will be needed. 

Somyos Kunachak, MD
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