Possible to Donate Skin and Fat to Breast Cancer Patients?

I heard that it was but I am not sure I believe it. I am asking because I was told that I could donate my Body fat to breast cancer survivors.

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Fat and skin not possible to donate without genetic match

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Most breast reconstructions techniques that are used nowadays relie on the patient's own abominal, back, thigh or buttock tissue to complete the procedure. Thiese tissue can be used as flaps for breast reconstruction surgery. Unfortunately fat and skin from other donor who are not genetically identical, will be rejected by the recipient.

Skin Donations

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Modern breast reconstructions methods do not utilize skin or fat grafts from others for multiple reasons; they produce poor results (even from a suitable matched donor) and are rejected by people with normal immune systems. Most breast reconstructions are done using the patients' own tissues or with a combination of the patient's tissues and either tissue expanders, implants and Alloderm.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Fat donation to breast reconstruction patients

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What a generous thought, but unfortunately the recipient would reject that tissue unless she were genetically identical to the donor.  Fortunately, there are much easier ways to help cancer patients!  Best wishes, /nsn.

Donating fat or skin to breast cancer patients

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Unless the person effected is an identical twin, it is not practical and highly unlikely that donated fat or skin will be of any benefit to a breast cancer patient.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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