Why Don’t More Plastic Surgeons Advise Their Liposuction Patients to Do These After-care Treatments?

I had Tumescent Lipo 22 days ago on my inner thighs,upper/lower back,flanks,hips,and upper/lower abdomen.The 2nd week I started Lymphatic Drainage Massage 3x a week and Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Therapy 2x a week. I now have almost no swelling and a bit of hardness on my abdomen, massage smoothed out my lumpy areas, and stretched my skin, so I have better range of motion. The HOCT almost immediately stopped my intense itching, and caused my swelling with each treatment to go down significantly.

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Why is Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment NOT recommended more after liposuction?

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Lumps, swelling and itching are all common in the first month after liposuction. I am glad you are pleased with your results but we need to compare what happens WITHOUT your intensive, time consuming and somewhat expensive aftercare treatments.

Guess what?

People do fine! It just takes time.

Nashville Dermatologic Surgeon

Post operative instructions

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many of us advise post operative massage but it has to be timed right and patients has to follow instructions. The Hyerbaric treatments, if the real hyper baric chanber, would cost few thoiusands of dollars each time in the US.

There are local and other means of oxygen treatments that claim many things and do nothing.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Things to try after liposuction

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  I am glad you bring this up because I feel that this is something we don't really do or tell our patients about here in the U.S.  I have many patients from Latin and South America who have told me about this for years and it is very common to have Lymphatic massage performed after all types of procedures in these countries.  The reason is because it is so inexpensive and available down there that it is almost routine.  In the U.S., this type of massage would be very expensive (3x week for 4 weeks) and most patient don't want to pay the extra expense.  I do tell my patients to perform lymphatic massage if they can get someone in the family to do it for them or refer them to a trained specialist if they don't mind paying the extra money.  In reality, the massage helps significantly with swelling, bruising, and recovery, but at the end of the day you heal the same way whether you do it or not.  So it is great to do if you can find somewhere good and not too expensive.

  I have never heard about HBOT being used for post liposuction procedures. This would be very expensive and I haven't seen any data to support the extra cost. Thanks.

Erez Sternberg, MD
Jacksonville Plastic Surgeon
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HBO and LD

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Lymphatic drainage makes a significant difference in swelling time. The question I would pose to you is: is your HBO treatment a real dive chamber or a small device that only elevates the positive pressure 1.3 atm.  If the latter, you may be experiencing placebo effect. 

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