My breasts are not the same size. What can I do about it?

I am 20 years old with very small breats.bras don't fit in. May I know what's the reason of breasts size differences? Also how can I naturally shape my breasts and make them same size.

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Breast Asymmetry

Correcting breast volume issues such as hypomastia or volume asymmetry can be done with breast augmentation.  3D imaging can be a valuable tool to assess the degree of asymmetry and what sized implant would best fit your body.

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Breasts not same size

Thank you for your question.  Without photos, I cannot tell you specifically what you need to have done, but there are surgical options.  For example, you can have one breast lifted or one augmented to match the size of the other.  Please be sure to see a surgeon who is board certified in plastic surgery.

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Breast asymmetry

There are two general approaches to address size asymmetry of the breast. One is to make a smaller side bigger, or make the bigger size smaller. If you are desiring and augmentation of both breast, then you can simply make the smaller side a tad bigger at the same time using a larger implant compared to the implant that goes in the larger breast.

My breasts are not the same size. What can I do about it?

Thank you for your question, and I am sorry that your breast asymmetry is causing your problems.  Breast size is largely determined by your genetics, and differences between your breasts is the norm, not the exception.  You can think of your breasts as sisters, not twins, and as a result differences in size, shape, nipple position, etc can vary.  Depending on the degree of asymmetry, different size breast implants can be used to better match your breasts.  See a board certified plastic surgeon for an in-person examination and treatment recommendations based on your specific case. 

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My breasts are not the same size. What can I do about it?

Most women have some degree of breast asymmetry (unevenness). Depending on the degree of asymmetry a breast augmentation with different size implants should correct the problem satisfactorily. Be sure to consult a surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery who performs breast surgery on a regular basis. Good luck

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Breast Asymmetry

Given that your breasts are small, a breast augmentation with natural cohesive gel breast implants would both enlarge your breasts as well as correct the asymmetry. Minor breast asymmetry is quite common and sometimes using the same size implants camouflages any minor asymmetry if a larger size is desired. Different size implants can be used for more significant asymmetries. I use temporary 'sizer' implants which I place in the breasts as a 'trial run' during surgery. This is particularly important when there is asymmetry to check what combination of implant sizes does the best job of correcting the asymmetry. There are also different implant profiles that may be chosen if one breast requires more width and the other requires more projection.
Autologous fat grafting which harvests fat from an area of the body to place in the breasts can also be a good option for correction of breast asymmetry.

Correcting Breast Asymmetry in the Small Breasted

With "very small breasts" that are different sizes where neither fit a bra well, the most reasonable treatment is a breast augmentation with different sized implants. If one breast is a reasonable size, then you can do an implant on the small side. See a board certified plastic surgeon with experience in asymmetric breast augmentatiion.

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My breasts are not the same size. What can I do about it?

All women have some degree of breast asymmetry.  Breasts are never "identical twins", and there are always subtle differences in shape and size between the two breasts.  Sometimes those differences can be more visible and extensive or obvious.  Sometimes it can even be a cup size difference between the breasts or more.  No one really knows a reason for this.  Developmentally, we have asymmetries in one side of the body with respect to the face, the eyes, hands, feet, arms, etc.  So the breast is no different here.  Typically by age 20, breast growth as far as maturity is completed. I would recommend visiting with a board certified plastic surgeon to review your options that can possibly give you better breast balance and symmetry.  Good luck! 

My breasts are not the same size. What can I do about it?

Some breast asymmetry  is quite normal/natural;  in most cases, there is no "reason" for the breast asymmetry.  Also, there is no effective way to "naturally shape" your breasts to improve breast symmetry. Of course, nothing will replace in-person evaluation by  your primary care or GYN physician.  Best wishes.

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