Would a blepharoplasty give me the results I like? (Photo)

I'm aware that I have hooded lids... And it's really bothering me for reasons like when I apply make up and also the fact that I think I could look better. I'm tired of raising my eyebrows just to have a bit of a crease. However, I do not want to have much skin taken off. I apologize if I do not make sense, but I'm sure that surgery would give me a better result than what I already have

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Thank you for your question and photo.  A blepharoplasty would give you a good result, even if a conservative approach is taken and a small amount of excess tissue removed, you will find it easier to apply make-up, and will no longer need to raise your eyebrows, to see the crease.  

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It may well.  Upper lid surgery, also call blepharoplasty, can remove small (or large) amounts of skin from the upper eyelid, along with some fat.  Excesses of those can cause exactly what you're describing.  And I agree that only a small amount should be removed, although even a small amount of removal can provide a surprisingly dramatic improvement.

You would of course have to be seen in person for a full and complete discussion of the options and to get the best recommendations.

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Hi louja1.  Thank you for sharing a photo.  A proper physical examination is necessary, but yes, you probably would see more definition and shaping with removal of some upper eyelid tissue (skin, muscle, fat).  You need evaluation of your brow and eyelid position (relative to your eyeball) by a board certified Plastic Surgeon.  Be sure to discuss options for mild brow lifting with strategically placed Botox injections.  Best of luck!

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