Dog Ear? Full TT and Hernia Repair 6 Weeks Ago? (photo)

I had a full TT and hernia repair 6 weeks ago. Though a bit high (which I knew was a possibility because I'm a pretty small person and didn't have a ton of skin) I think my scar is looking very nice for the most part. My only concern is on my left hip at the end of the incision. It looks almost like a little dent with some minor bunching. How likely is it that this will resolve on its own? I do still have a small amount of swelling, so I'm hoping it will resolve once the swelling disappears.

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Bunching of tummy tuck

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It appears that you have bunching of your skin at the corner of your scar.   This may have been done to prevent a longer scar or fix a dogear.   It should flatten and soften over 3-6 months.   


At 6 weeks, it is far too early to discuss revision.   I think you will be surprised at how much this area improves on its own.


Dr. Gill

Houston Plastic Surgeon

Dogear after TT

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At this point, you have scar bunching, which is not equivalent to a dog ear. This should settle down with time and go on to heal without a contour deformity.

Extra skin

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This is not uncommon at all and in most cases resolves with time. Be patient and continue to trust your PS.

Dog Ear? Full TT

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I would call this a "gather" rather than a "dog ear." When the excess skin is trimmed before  the closure, the upper incision is invariably longer than the lower one, so there are always going to be some irregularities. A gather is sewing cloth is of course permanent, but skin remodels, and I think it would be unusual for this not to look normal by six m'onths after surgery. 

It is also pretty much the rule to still have some swelling this early, and that should resolve with time. 

Do remain in touch with your surgeon and I expect your nice result will continue to improve. Thanks for your question and for the photos. Best wishes.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon


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Swelling takes 6-9 months for it to subside. All the puckering will resolve on its own. Once the swelling subside and the skin relaxes we do expect everything to look better. Give your body time to heal. You should follow up with your PS to get your concerns across.


Stuart B. Kincaid, MD, FACS (in memoriam)
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

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