My Dog Chews my Tray 4, Can I Put in my Next Tray?

My dog chewed my tray 4 (out of 12) today. I have worn it for exactly 7 days and only removed it for about 2hrs a day total to eat. My dentist is on vacation and always takes my used trays; I do however have the next 2 trays. Should I place in tray 5 until she gets back? I'd hate to go without wearing my aligners for over a week, but also fear any bone complications by putting in a tray too early. Thank you

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Invisalign trays can be started a little early

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After one week, it is possible to move on to the next set of aligners.  The other choice is to go back to aligner #3, but if you don't have it anymore, the last choice is to wear nothing.  If you were only 2 days into aligner #4 I would suggest wearing #3 and wait for #4 to be remade.

Doing this only once during treatment should not have any real negative effects.

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