Does Fraxel Have Side Effects Like Wrinkles and Aged Skin?

It was shocking and horrifying what I read an hour ago about the two women who had very BAD results by fraxel nw she has wrinkles and she looks much more older than her real age.How come? does this thing repair one thing and damages the other? Please help me. I was considering fraxel laser for acne scars on my cheeks but now I really hesitatd and confused by the contradicitng experiences!fraxel is designed to remove wrinkles and aging stuff among other things, isn't it?so....?

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Whether it is Fraxel Repair for more aggressive scar improvement or photorejuvenation, or if it is the Fraxel Restore laser for less severe skin damage, I have never seen skin develop a worse or older appearance. See an experienced fractional laser doctor for a second opinion to get reassurance prior to your treatment.

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True Fraxel CO2 Laser is Safe and Effective


Unfortunately, not all fractionated CO2 lasers have the same efficacy.  Likewise, not all physicians performing the fractionated CO2 laser treatments have the same experience and skill with lasers.  Fraxel repair (Solta) when used properly is one of the best treatments available for acne scars as well as non-invasive skin rejuvenation.  Many inferior fractionated CO2 laser devices are called "Fraxel" when they are not.  Find an experienced laser physician with one of the top fractionated laser devices and you should be able to improve your acne scars in a safe manner.  Good luck and be well.

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