Does Sculptra Have Special Programs for HIV+ Patients?

I am a 45 year old male who who diagnosed as HIV+ in 1993. The toll on my face because of the medications has left me with sunken cheeks and temples. I have an identical twin and I feel and look much older than him. Where can I find help with Sculptra? My confidence has really dropped to new lows each time I see myself in the mirror. I look sick even though I am doing well. Does Sculptra have a program that can help people like me? I am from the Tulsa, OK area.

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Sculptura injections for Lipoatrophy

Sculptura does have a program where they will contribute one or two vials of sculptura to treat facial lipoatrophy. Sculptura is very effective at correcting lipoatrophy associated with HIV lipoatrophy.

If you go to you can find contact info at Sanofi-Aventis.

They'll send you a document that you and your doctor can complete and return to them.

I hope this helps.

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Patient Assistance Program


Sanofi-Aventis does indeed have a Patient Assistance Program (PAP) for those with HIV associated lipoatrophy that have financial need. The program is based on your income. Check out the Sculptra website for a list of injectors in your area. The program is not described on the Sculptra, so you may need to go through your physician. Do yourself a favor and follow up on this. It makes a big difference in removing the stigma under which you now live your daily life.

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