Does Fraxel Treat Creping That is Only Present During Smiling?

I understand that Fraxel treats creping around the eyes. But is that AT REST, or WHILE SMILING? I have a couple of undereye wrinkles that cause creping when I smile. Will Fraxel resolve this issue? Thanks!

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Fraxel and the Treatment of Eye Lid Creping; Like Einstein Said, "It's All Relative"

Hi Nina,

Fraxel re:pair works by removing some skin, as well as stimulating new collagen formation. This helps with crepiness around the eyes.

The answer to your question is "relative" crepiness. If there is crepiness at rest, it will be lessened. If there is crepiness with movement, it too will be lessened. The treatment will not eliminate lines with movement as they are a result of muscular movement. For muscular "lines" Botox alone or in combination with Fraxel re:pair would be best.

Be well and good luck.

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